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About Us

Felting is one of the most ancient ways of making fabric and is a process we are pleased to carry on into the modern day. This would not be possible without every single member of our dedicated team. Each of us creates our own designs, by blending various colors and textures as well as helping to migrate and shape our one of a kind product by hand.

Our mission is to make functional products with high-quality materials, using an environmentally friendly process from beginning to end. As a team, we put a lot of thought and effort into our designs and material selections. Our soap is made with olive, coconut, and essential or fragrance oils – we never use palm oil due to the negative impacts by the way it is acquired. We also only use recycled paper for our tags and use recycled glass for our vases.

Check out our Eco-dyed and botanically printed items, which include wearable’s, scarves, table runners, and decorative pillows. I hope you enjoy using and sharing our assortment of products!


About Janet

Nobody starts felting out of the blue. It’s a process to go from one passion to another. For me, it began with a love of plants at a young age, growing up on a dairy farm in Southern Wisconsin. That love of plants grew (pun absolutely intended) into a horticulture degree and eventually into a family business.

My love of plant design, color, and texture translated easily into fiber arts when I was exposed to felting in the early 2000's. I took my first felting class at a local llama farm, and was introduced to the beauty and versatility of wool.

I have been lucky enough to attend felting classes taught by individuals from around the world. Through those classes and my own experimenting, I fell completely in love with high-quality wool, eco-dying, and the remarkable practicality and beauty of felted products.

Felting allows me to work with color and texture in ways I never thought possible and has connected me to an amazing community of people who share my love of fiber and creative passion.