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Single Merino Wool Felted Dryer Ball - Purple

Single Merino Wool Felted Dryer Ball - Purple

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  • materials: merino wool
  • size: 2 oz
  • handmade in Madison, Wisconsin

These high-quality, Merino wool felted dryer balls are beautiful and functional at the same time.  Wrapped in naturally anti-fungal sheep's fiber, the felted dryer balls act as a static cling control, collect lint from your clothes and help to dry your clothes more efficiently.  No need to add tennis balls when drying bedding, because the dryer ball can be used in place of that as well!  Add a drop of your favorite essential oil or fragrance oil to leave a hint of your favorite scent on your items.

Can be used as
*hostess gifts, teachers gifts, housewarming gift, college gifts.  
*decoration in the bathroom or laundry room

*Each handmade dryer ball is approximately can slightly vary in weight, size and color from the images above.